About Us

About Us



Kamal Gardens is a nonprofit organization, founded in the year 2006. The definition of the word Kamal in the Arabic language is perfection, and this summarizes our vision of special adults, which is seeing them as perfect souls who deserve a perfect living. Our aim is to introduce this vision to the Jordanian culture, and change its paradigm when it comes to special individuals. The purpose of Kamal Gardens vocational center, is to provide job opportunities for special adults, and integrate them more into the society, through interactive activities and events within the project or via a third party.

Our vocational center offers a spring, summer and fall time job for special adults, from the month of May till December. They perform outdoor agricultural activities as well as various hand crafting activities, and receive a simple paycheck at the end of each month. The approach used has not only been task oriented, but psychosocial as well. We undertake activities either on one-on-one or group basis. Our focus is on certain traits, behaviors and approaches, which are directly relevant to their psychological and social development. The reason behind this approach is to expand the horizons of the special adults, to endure wider aspects of the society, and gain enough experience to prepare them for the industrial world.

The vocational program will require a period of three to four years till the adult is ready to start his career. They are taught how to perfect a specific occupation, as well as deal with everyday issues at the work place. The companies chosen to create a partnership with, will be required to fit a certain criteria for providing a protected environment. The offered occupations in our center should produce products, which will provide enough income to weigh out its costs. Prospective students undertake an evaluation exam of their abilities, and each group will have a customized curriculum according to their needs.

The project was inspired by the founder’s late brother Kamil Odeh, who was diagnosed with severe Down syndrome. The idea of Kamal Gardens originated after having witnessed his aggregating frustration, cause by forcefully graduating from his school in his twenties. This in turn had created a viscous void due to the lack of occupational options and beneficial use of his ability and time.

The project aspires to expand further to a training center for special educators as well. The aim is to improve the level of care giving in Jordan through providing an outlet for them to express to express themselves, at the same time shed a new light for them to see the special individuals from a different angle. It will provide coursework material for both graduates and non-graduates of special education.